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That’s why you PVR Blazers/Clippers

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You taught us a valuable lesson, Jamal. source:

Nothing like interrupting your wife’s Saturday morning viewing of Will and Grace with a little PVRd Blazers/Clippers. The fading, Aldridge-less Trail Blazers wouldn’t appear to be a match for LAC, but Portland put up a fight, and taught us a valuable lesson. read more »

Who would you Rather?

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The easy choice. Source:

The Lovely choice. Source:

It’s the game as old as time.

Zeppelin or the Stones?

90210 or Gray’s?

Timberlake or Transition_D?

And today’s topic – Griffin or Love? read more »

I’m Starting with the Man in the Middle (oh yeah)

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Javale McCentrepiece? Source:

Canadians are bombarded with ads for months leading up to NHL Trade Deadline Day. Invariably fifth round picks are exchanged for Phil Housley and the degenerates checking the ticker all day are left disappointed.¬†Though the NBA didn’t tout March 15 as “the day you live for” (TSN), there was a flurry of movement at the eleventh hour that lived up to the moderate hype. Several moves were intriguing, others involved the Raptors. But for this post we’ll go over the day’s biggest transaction:

McGee for Nene and Turiaf

Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri just got bold. I love how Ujiri got rid of Melo and assembled a team - each piece working together and playing within himself to win. But the GM’s latest move is curious. read more »


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College Ball Can't Touch the Pros. Source:

It is a balmy 10 degrees in the T-Dot as Transition D-fense crafts his latest dime on his porch. As I prepare to scold hooligans stepping on my lawn, I can hear the buzz about the NCAA’s March Madness. read more »

Would YOU Trade him?

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GM Danny Ainge isn't really going to trade Rondo, is he? Source:

As we near the trade deadline there have been rumblings abound that Rajon Rondo is on the trading block. And it’s not just the media rigamarole; Celtics GM Danny Ainge has acknowledged that he has been fielding offers for the last several months. According to insiders Rondo can be difficult to deal with and has not handled last year’s trade of his best friend Kendrick Perkins well. read more »