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Get Jacked – It’s Playoff Time

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Josh Smith - Catalyst of an Upset. Source:

The end of April signifies several milestones for Transition D:

1) The end of tax season. Late nights generating tax returns, ledgers and spreadsheets are a winter staple. They will be missed.

2) Bi-daily shaving resumes (up from bi-weekly).

3) The NBA playoffs commence! read more »

How’d I Do? Part 3 – The Knicks

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Steve Novak - "the champion of nothing" - Jay Onrait. source:

As the regular season draws to a close I am going to evaluate the predictions I made five short months ago. Some were accurate, others were Greg Ostertag’s hairdo. Today we harken back on my most regrettable prediction.

I watched how New York played last year after acquiring him. I knew Carmelo never wanted to be anything but the isolated scorer on offence, and the innocent bystander on D. And yet I bought into the hype.  read more »

How’d I do? Part 2 – The Raps

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Impressive Stuff, Coach Casey. source:

As the regular season draws to a close I am going to evaluate the predictions I made five short months ago. Some were accurate, others were the Bobcats’ winning percentage.

Why do I put myself through this? Why do I bleed purple, red, white and dinosaur? Why do I watch the Toronto Raptors start two players on 10 day contracts and sing the praises of Ben Uzoh?

Oh I’ll tell you why. Because this team cares. This group, half of which better be gone by opening day next season, bought into Dwane Casey’s defensive philosophy from day 1. Andrea Bargnani, a defender worse than the fat guy on my summer rec league squad, bought in. He hedged on screens, rotated to shooters, banged in the post, and pretended to rebound. Sure he’s a work in progress guy who will never be a defensive stopper, but Il Mago worked his tail off when his contract and every coach before Casey couldn’t get him to break a sweat on D. Couple that with a refined offensive repertoire of drives and j’s and it looked like we had an all star in the making.

Then he missed 80 games and the whole Andrea sucks angle became moot.

I predicted 23 wins. With three games left, TO sits at 22. Not bad when you consider most had them around 12. While the projection looks sick, the process by which Transition D thought they’d get there was a bit off. I thought Andrea would be horrific (ok, not horrific; I called him the worst player in the league). I didn’t think the D would get so much better. I forgot Calderon was such a skilled offensive PG.

I didn’t realize I was more athletic than Aaron Grey.

Inspite of the slight miscalculations, the increased effort and expected garbage wins against teams mentally taking the night off was bang on. I’ll call this prognostication a victory.

Up next – Transition D lambastes himself for his poorest pre-season projection – the New York Knicks.



How’d I do? Part 1 – Shaq on TNT

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As the regular season draws to a close I am going to evaluate the predictions I made five short months ago. Some were accurate, others were JR Smith’s shooting percentage.

It may be a few games premature, but I’ll tackle how my prediction how Shaq would do on TNT.

I said he would be awful.

I will let ESPN’s Bill Simmons discuss how this went.

“As you know, the worst signing of the 2011-12 season wasn’t Kwame Brown, Caron Butler or Nene … it was Shaquille O’Neal. Maybe it wasn’t shocking that someone who mumbled his way through interviews for 20 years and rarely said anything interesting would negatively impact the best studio show in the history of sports television, but this will become a major problem in the playoffs when everyone just wants to hear Chuck and Kenny. Can TNT use these next two weeks to teach Shaq to basically do a lot of nodding? We don’t need him to be Chris Bosh, we need him to be Joel Anthony. Just sit there and smile, Shaq. Let the other guys do their thing. Come playoff time, I need me some Chuck and I need me some Kenny.

(On the bright side, at least Shaq opens the door for jokes like this one, from Jerzan in San Antonio: “Don’t complain about Shaq on TNT — he’s just rounding himself into shape and mailing it in until the playoffs.”)”

I hate commentators that pat themselves on the back for predictions that become realized, but I’m just very proud of this one. I mean everyone was so jacked up for Shaq.

Anyway – I promise you won’t get such high self-congratulations in future posts.

Cool off on the Heat

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You can't blame the MVP for being gassed. Source:

According to the media it’s time for Miami to press the panic button. Forget about beating OKC last week; two losses to Boston, one to Memphis and last night to the Bulls is enough evidence that the team with the best player in the world can’t hack it. read more »

Tanking, Incentives and the Moral Hazard

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You get it. source:

All North American pro sports have the same problem – while it’s best to win, it’s also good to really suck. Sucking may suck, but you get the best crack at top draft picks, so the sucking should stop soon. The worst place to be is somewhere in the middle. With a 500 record you’re nowhere near winning a title, and face long odds of landing a high draft pick. This leads to the contentious proposition of tanking.  read more »