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Is this what you want?

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The contrast between the East and West playoffs is night and day, except replace “night” with “awful”, “injury-plagued” and “dirty”. read more »

Second Round Intrigue

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Go on, Heat fans. Press it. Source:

I cannot stand the LeBron haters. He is constantly ripped for not having won a title yet, meanwhile Jordan didn’t get his first ring until his seventh season (LBJ is in his ninth). Hypocrites from far and wide slandered him for fleeing the gorgeous city of Cleveland to chase a championship. read more »

Chaos Theory in Philly

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It's ok Omer. It wasn't your fault. Source: defines chaos theory as “a theory….that apparently random phenomena have underlying order.” The Philadelphia 76ers must be blind followers of the axiom after the events of game six. read more »

2011-2012 – The Tainted Season

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Now You're Just Van Gundy that I Used to Know. Source:

The PVR has been working harder than Blake Griffin in the post. There’s nothing quite like milky Life Cereal and silky KD jumpers in the morning. There’s high drama between the Clips and Griz, medium drama between the Lakeshow and the Nuggets. But the rest is tainted due to injury.  read more »