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I know he’s Captain Canada, but NO

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There's no basketball reason to drop Calderon for Nash. Great pic though eh? Source:

While munching on some tasty Life Cereal this morning I scanned the ticker and was horrified – my Raptors are considering amnestying Jose Calderon to clear space for Steve Nash. read more »

NBA Finals – You Ended Too Soon

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No one called a five game series. Source:

Before the season opened the dream NBA Finals was the hated Heat and the youthful Thunder. 66 regular season games and three rounds later and we fished our wish. read more »

Lack of Power Serge

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Ibaka - Don't Think You're off the Hook. Source:

First a huge congratulations to LeBron. Regardless of whether you wanted to see him fail, how can you not smile when you see this punnum. But I’ll leave the historical analysis of the superstars to ESPN. Transition D will search for the angle that most outlets won’t site as the main reason for the Thunder’s loss – Serge Ibaka. (Yeah Harden was awful, but hear me out.)

read more »

The X-Factor

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From Much Maligned to Much Love for CB4. Source:

May 13. Game 1. Pacers vs Heat. With just over a minute to play in the first half, Chris Bosh collected a pinpoint pass from LeBron James. Rather than hoist the conventional (and high percentage) 18 footer, CB4 pump faked and strode to the hoop. One dribble and a poster-victimizing-Roy-Hibbert later, and the former Raptor was down, clutching his abs. He left the game minutes later, and would miss the next nine contests. read more »

Drink it in

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I'll meet you at the summit. Souce:

Let’s step back from the nitty gritty of guarding the screen and roll, substitution patterns and defensive assignments in transition. Let’s hold off on assigning blame to the coaches for not making this or that adjustment. Instead, take a minute to drink in the magnificence of game 2. If this is how the rest of the series goes we are in for an historic sporting event. read more »

Note to MIA – Cherish Every Possession

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Your team needs more from you. Source:

The point is beaten to death, but it’s true – in the playoffs, every possession must be cherished. The post season is not the time for heat checks, long jumpers early in the shot clock, and lazy passes. But as we’ve seen numerous times in May and June, when the Heat aren’t in immediate danger, they fall into bad habits. read more »

Who will be King?

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James or Durant - who is ready to assume the NBA throne? source:

“I’m gonna be the main event

Like no king was before

I’m brushing up on lookin’ down

Working on my ROAR

(Thus far a rather uninspiring thing)

Oh I just can’t wait to be King.”

Sage words from Disney’s classic The Lion King. read more »

Shameless Self-Promotion

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Transition_D - Canada's Next Sportscaster? Only with YOUR help

After pouring through millions hundreds of auditions, your humble blogger/provocateur was selected by the Score television network to compete to become Canada’s next sportscaster. It’s called “Drafted” – a reality show where the winner gets a contract with the Score.

The contest is partially determined by online voting. You can (MUST) vote once a day, there’s no signing up, and it’s just one simple click. Here’s the link to my voting page:

There’s also a permanent link on the right under the blogroll called “Tranisition_D Drafted.” Just click there, click “vote”, and you can return to going about your business.

With your help you could help me attain my dream job.

If you want a reason to vote other than my sterling writing, check out the live and online auditions I did.


You’ll notice I have a somewhat sizeable deficit to overcome, but the voting closes in two months, so there is plenty of time to catch up.

I’m currently down town with the other 23 finalists. We are completing a series of challenges at the Score Studios over the weekend that will all be posted on on Monday. So check that action out too when it’s available.

Thanks for casting your ballot, and enjoy game 7.

SA/OKC – Lets try this again

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Poised to take it all.

As all of you witnessed, I was wrong about something for the first time in my life. I thought San Antonio had OKC cornered heading into game 4, but alas they were pounded in Oklahoma, then pushed down another peg in game 5. read more »

The Pivotal Game 4

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Sorry OKC. Not this year. Source:

It’s funny when analysts refer to game 4 as the “pivotal” one, as if games 1-3 are somehow unimportant. They think if the team up 2-1 wins and takes a 3-1 lead that this the cause of them eventually winning the series. They cite the number of times teams trailing 3-1 have come back, which you can count on two hands. They fail to realize that they’re up 3-1 and are likely to win the series because they’re just the better team. read more »