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Argentina – U.S. Spoilers?

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Manu and Co could spoil the American party. Source:

In a seven game series there isn’t a country in the world that can keep up with the US’s superhuman speed, athleticism and competitiveness. But in a one game elimination – it could definitely go down. So who can pull the upset? read more »

Dream Team Preview

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An embarrassment of riches, with some holes. source:

The 2012 version of the Dream Team will head into the Olympics as gold medal favourites. It boasts an ungodly combination of athleticism, skill, interior defence and most importantly, competitive fire. LeBron and Kobe are the unquestioned leaders and both understand what it takes to win championships. It also has willing role players in Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love who know they are there to defend and rebound. But there are a couple weaknesses that can be exploited. read more »

Prokhorov Gone Crazy!

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4 Years, $61 million? I agree, Brook. The deal stinks. source:

Fresh off failed negotiations with the Magic to acquire Dwight Howard, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has decided to throw a small fraction of his money away. read more »

Love, Like, or Regret – the PG Free Agent Frenzy

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Is Goran Dragic really worth 4 years at $8.5M per? Source:

The NBA is plumb full of sick point guards. Parker, Rondo, Rose, Stuckey, D. Williams, CP3, Westbrook. And the B class is nothing to sneeze at – Chalmers, Calderon, Curry, Collison, Rubio, and Conley would be welcome starters on most playoff teams. With such a deluge of PGs, it makes sense that capable-but-secondary guards were compensated healthily this free agent season. But which deals will teams live to love, like or regret their respective moves? read more »

Dwight – You Can’t Do That

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Howard wants a trade, but only to the Nets. Source: for

Sports fans are disgusted by the feeling of entitlement players constantly exhibit. Superstars demand trades, rip management for not putting the right pieces around them, or hold out for obscene amounts of money while still under contract.

Think of Dwight Howard’s latest gambit as all these moves times a million. read more »