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The Lakers are not threats

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LAL doesn’t scare the West’s best.

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With a month left in the National Basketball Association’s season, there are plenty of playoff positions to be decided. In the East, the Indiana PacersNew York KnicksBrooklyn NetsAtlanta Hawks,Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics could all finish anywhere from second to seventh. In the West, the final playoff spot is still up for grabs, with only three games separating the sixth-place Golden State Warriors, seventh-place Houston Rockets, eighth-place Los Angeles Lakers, and ninth-place Utah Jazz.

Let’s assume the Lakers make the playoffs.  read more »

Can Indy step to the Heat?

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David West holds Indiana’s only edge over the Heat. Source:

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The Indiana Pacers match up well against the Miami Heat. They have Paul George‘s length – 6’8 with a 7’0 wingspan – athleticism and desire to contain LeBron James. They have Lance Stephenson, who at 6’5/210lbs can body up Dwyane Wade. At point guard. George Hill is strong and has the quickness to matchMario Chalmers. And they have a bruising, unintimidated frount court in David West and Roy Hibbert. All of the above has translated into the NBA’s stingiest defense. read more »

Is Josh Smith Worth the Max?

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So much talent. So many issues. source:

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There’s a great scene at the end of the movie Rounders. Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) has defeated Teddy KGB (John Malcovich) in a heads up poker duel. KGB is seething – he can’t bare paying his adversary the exhorbitant sum he now owes. But after some contemplation, he mutters to one of his cronies in resignation, “Pay him. Pay that man his money.” read more »

Houston, we have a Conundrum

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Are Harden and the Rockets in a good place? Source:

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Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is a trail blazer, and not of the Portland variety. With a computer science and statistcal background from Northwestern and MIT, he has introduced advanced stats and analytics to make personnel decisions. He doesn’t just evaluate players on the basics, like points per game. He values players based on talent, analytics, and weighs those aspects against their contracts. GMs may have a keen eye for assessing how “good” a player is on the court, but often fail to assign the proper dollar value to him, which leads to inefficient contracts that hamstring a team’s financial flexibility. read more »