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Top 5 Pull-Your-Hair-Out All Stars

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So much talent. So many issues. source:

You kill me, Josh. source:

So many have come and gone through the NBA leaving their teammates, coaches, and fans wanting more. The talent was there for a Hall of Fame career, but, for a lack of motivation, environment, stupidity or whatever, he never realized his full potential. It’s not just the players that have fallen flat on their face as rookies. It’s those who have shown more than a few flashes of brilliance, made you salivate at the possibilities, but have ultimately ended up failing

They’re maddening.

Here are my top five Pull-Your-Hair-Out All Stars: read more »

James Harden Not Yet Elite

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Harden Bad D

This is Harden smelling his defence. It stinks. Source:

Last year James Harden had his coming-out party. After the promotion from third option in OKC to top dog in Houston, Harden’s point production sky-rocketed (pun intended) from 17 to 26 PPG. The array of threes, transition-buckets, euro-step drives and hammer dunks filled every highlight reel. At the quarter point of the 2012-2013 season Harden was proclaimed “elite” – among the very best players in the NBA. Trouble is he’s not, and here’s why: read more »