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Most Valuable Performer My Butt

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Don’t be seduced by tough shots made. Demar DeRozan still went 6-18 in the Raptors’ win over Dallas on Friday. Source:

As the fourth quarter wound down, the Raptors were trading blows with a superior Mavericks team on the road. Greivis Vasquez knocked down a couple threes. Jonas Valanciunas was grabbing offensive boards and putting back And-1s while grunting profusely. Defensively Amir Johnson was working his ass off to contain Dirk. Fighting through screens, contesting jumpers, hedging on pick-and-rolls with a scorching Jose Calderon, Amir limited Nowitzki to 1-5 in the fourth, his only make coming off a 25 foot three.

Demar DeRozan, meanwhile, was having a mix of effectiveness and inefficiency, which continued through the fourth and OT. He went 1-4 in the last quarter, including a horrendous 19-footer with 18 seconds on the shot clock with 1:20 to go while up one, compensated by a miraculous off-balance/fade-away/one-footed runner to send the game to overtime. Demar also contributed two awful turnovers, equalized by a terrific chase-down block and a career-high nine assists.

With things looking dire near the end of OT, Demar jump-stopped in the lane, gave a crafty up-fake, and buried a ridiculous jumper plus the foul to lift the Raps to victory.

As the broadcast wrapped up, the Most Valuable Performer was revealed. Naturally, the guy who made the game-winning shot took the honour.

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Was that really a collapse?

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Bogut Winning

The Raptors surrendered a 27 point second half lead. Bogut was a minor player in the comeback. Source:

I awoke early this morning with the Raptors/Warriors game at the top of the PVR list. Prior to pressing play I foresaw a standard Raps West Coast loss – hang in for a quarter or two, then slowly fade to the superior team.

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