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Let’s Talk Depression

Posted in NBA on January 28th, 2014 by andrew – 5 Comments

Me, December 2012. Despite the hat, not a happy time.

TSN’s Michael Landsberg preaches the power of sharing his story of depression. By opening up about his struggle he made viewers aware that depression is an illness, not a weakness, and that I wasn’t alone. On Bell Let’s Talk Day, an initiative to raise awareness and funds towards mental health initiatives, I’m sharing too. read more »

Is Terrence Ross Legit?

Posted in NBA on January 4th, 2014 by andrew – 1 Comment

T-Ross’s recent excellence can’t be sustainable………Can it?

Raptors fans are giddy. The team is blazing since the Rudy Gay trade, sporting a 10-3 record. Assists have exploded since the league’s guiltiest ball stopper was shipped to Sacramento. The pick and roll is being executed to perfection by the suddenly savvy Kyle Lowry and any of Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas. Heck, even Patrick Patterson is getting in on the 2-man game. Defensively the front line is protecting the rim with nasty vigor. Ask Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, David West, Roy Hibbert and Paul George – Toronto has morphed into a brutal opponent in the paint. The team is good AND fun to watch.

Lots of other factors have contributed to the recent success but the most surprising development for me has been the ascension of Terrence Ross. Drafted 8th overall in 2012, Rookie Ross looked like a homeless man’s Ricky Davis – a ton of athleticism, an unmemorable Slam Dunk Contest performance, and an unhealthy penchant for jacking and bricking long jumpers. During last year’s season-long malaise, a friend texted frankly, “Terrence Ross is so bad at basketball.” I agreed. read more »