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Game 2 Spotlight – Demar Derozan

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Demar Game 2

DeMar was fine, but, please, ENOUGH with he “carried the team.” Source:

What an f-in win. The Raptors just clawed for this one. The narrative is DeMar DeRozan had a bounce-back game, lifting Toronto to the Game 2 victory off 30 points. It’s difficult not to improve on a 3-13 shooting night, so I guess “bounce back” is an appropriate term. But let’s put the spotlight on DeRozan to see just how well he played in TO’s must-win. Here’s your DeMar DeRozan play-by-play. read more »

Nets/Raptors Game 1 Reax – Stream of Consciousness

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You played your heart out, Kyle. Source:

When I write a blog I tend to conceive, craft, then edit. Today I’m sparing myself all that and going with old-fashioned stream-of-consciousness style. Here are my thoughts on Nets/Raptors Game 1. read more »

Raptors vs Nets VS Raptors vs Nets – 2014 vs 2007

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Kidd Vampire Beard

Will Karma Catch Kidd? Source:

The Brooklyn Nets shamelessly allegedly threw their final two games of the season to the Carmelo Anthony-less Knicks and the hope-less Cavaliers by 11 and 29 respectively. If they had won either of those contests, they would have faced the rugged Bulls in the first round. Instead, they fell to sixth in the East to face the third seed Raptors.

However we got here, where we stand is eerily similar to the previous time the Raptors won the Atlantic Division. Observe the parallels. read more »