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Tennis – Putting the Momentum Theory to Bed

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I too find the theory of momentum in pro sports to be gross, Genie. Source:

The theory of momentum in pro sports has been dissected by stats people who know a lot more about stats than me, and their conclusion is unequivocal – it does not exist. According to the mathematicians, going on a 10-0 run in the NBA, in and of itself, has nothing to do with extending that to a 16-0 run. Stats gurus like John Hollinger have studied the hot hand fallacy - the mistaken belief that making five shots in a row has anything to do with the likelihood of success of the sixth shot. read more »

Cleveland – You Will Regret This

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Oh what could have been…. source:

Even though it’s not official, it’s official – Andrew Wiggins, along with Anthony Bennett, have been dealt to the T-wolves for Kevin Love. A no brainer for Minnesota, since they were losing Love to free agency after the upcoming season. But what about for the Cavs? read more »