The Best Names in Sports

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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

The best name in sports (see #1 on the list)

To view this piece please visit this link: Top Ten Names in Sports

Wasn’t sure if I could publish the piece here so I made the link. Enjoy.

Buying a car is a Seinfeld Episode

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Seinfeld Car

It wasn’t all high fives for Transition D at the local car dealership

We are in full February blahs mode. The Raptors are fun but have regressed to the mean. The Heat and Thunder are taking games off, losing to the 16-37 Orlando Magic on consecutive nights. We’ll get back to NBA fodder in the weeks to come, but for now let’s go with a second straight non-sports post, this one slightly more upbeat than the last.

Note: the car companies and sales persons’ names have been changed in this compelling and inflammatory post read more »

Let’s Talk Depression

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Me, December 2012. Despite the hat, not a happy time.

TSN’s Michael Landsberg preaches the power of sharing his story of depression. By opening up about his struggle he made viewers aware that depression is an illness, not a weakness, and that I wasn’t alone. On Bell Let’s Talk Day, an initiative to raise awareness and funds towards mental health initiatives, I’m sharing too. read more »

Is Terrence Ross Legit?

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T-Ross’s recent excellence can’t be sustainable………Can it?

Raptors fans are giddy. The team is blazing since the Rudy Gay trade, sporting a 10-3 record. Assists have exploded since the league’s guiltiest ball stopper was shipped to Sacramento. The pick and roll is being executed to perfection by the suddenly savvy Kyle Lowry and any of Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas. Heck, even Patrick Patterson is getting in on the 2-man game. Defensively the front line is protecting the rim with nasty vigor. Ask Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, David West, Roy Hibbert and Paul George – Toronto has morphed into a brutal opponent in the paint. The team is good AND fun to watch.

Lots of other factors have contributed to the recent success but the most surprising development for me has been the ascension of Terrence Ross. Drafted 8th overall in 2012, Rookie Ross looked like a homeless man’s Ricky Davis – a ton of athleticism, an unmemorable Slam Dunk Contest performance, and an unhealthy penchant for jacking and bricking long jumpers. During last year’s season-long malaise, a friend texted frankly, “Terrence Ross is so bad at basketball.” I agreed. read more »

Most Valuable Performer My Butt

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Don’t be seduced by tough shots made. Demar DeRozan still went 6-18 in the Raptors’ win over Dallas on Friday. Source:

As the fourth quarter wound down, the Raptors were trading blows with a superior Mavericks team on the road. Greivis Vasquez knocked down a couple threes. Jonas Valanciunas was grabbing offensive boards and putting back And-1s while grunting profusely. Defensively Amir Johnson was working his ass off to contain Dirk. Fighting through screens, contesting jumpers, hedging on pick-and-rolls with a scorching Jose Calderon, Amir limited Nowitzki to 1-5 in the fourth, his only make coming off a 25 foot three.

Demar DeRozan, meanwhile, was having a mix of effectiveness and inefficiency, which continued through the fourth and OT. He went 1-4 in the last quarter, including a horrendous 19-footer with 18 seconds on the shot clock with 1:20 to go while up one, compensated by a miraculous off-balance/fade-away/one-footed runner to send the game to overtime. Demar also contributed two awful turnovers, equalized by a terrific chase-down block and a career-high nine assists.

With things looking dire near the end of OT, Demar jump-stopped in the lane, gave a crafty up-fake, and buried a ridiculous jumper plus the foul to lift the Raps to victory.

As the broadcast wrapped up, the Most Valuable Performer was revealed. Naturally, the guy who made the game-winning shot took the honour.

Com’on man. read more »

Was that really a collapse?

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Bogut Winning

The Raptors surrendered a 27 point second half lead. Bogut was a minor player in the comeback. Source:

I awoke early this morning with the Raptors/Warriors game at the top of the PVR list. Prior to pressing play I foresaw a standard Raps West Coast loss – hang in for a quarter or two, then slowly fade to the superior team.

I foresaw wrong, but not as “wrong” as you’d think. read more »

Top 5 Pull-Your-Hair-Out All Stars

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So much talent. So many issues. source:

You kill me, Josh. source:

So many have come and gone through the NBA leaving their teammates, coaches, and fans wanting more. The talent was there for a Hall of Fame career, but, for a lack of motivation, environment, stupidity or whatever, he never realized his full potential. It’s not just the players that have fallen flat on their face as rookies. It’s those who have shown more than a few flashes of brilliance, made you salivate at the possibilities, but have ultimately ended up failing

They’re maddening.

Here are my top five Pull-Your-Hair-Out All Stars: read more »

James Harden Not Yet Elite

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Harden Bad D

This is Harden smelling his defence. It stinks. Source:

Last year James Harden had his coming-out party. After the promotion from third option in OKC to top dog in Houston, Harden’s point production sky-rocketed (pun intended) from 17 to 26 PPG. The array of threes, transition-buckets, euro-step drives and hammer dunks filled every highlight reel. At the quarter point of the 2012-2013 season Harden was proclaimed “elite” – among the very best players in the NBA. Trouble is he’s not, and here’s why: read more »

Miami Ain’t Three-Peating

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You can't blame the MVP for being gassed. Source:

LeBron’s greatness won’t compensate for the Heat’s holes and his competition’s improvements. Source:

Before the 2012-2013 season it was easy to separate the contenders from the pretenders. In fact last year there weren’t even pretenders – the non-contenders were just awful. This year is much different. Rosters have changed significantly, some teams will mature, some will leap to Conference Front-Runners, others will tank for Wiggins, and many  could go either way.

We’ll preview a bunch of intriguing teams as the season gets going, but today let’s focus on whether the Heat will Three-Peat by observing how contending teams changed their looks in the off-season. read more »

Vince Carter – Hall of Famer?

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Vince Wince

Ah memories. Source:

We’re still two games of fake-season basketball away from the real thing. Though talking heads will fill air to use the preseason as some indicator of how the regular one will play out, I’ll spare you. The predictive value of an eight-game exhibition with Terrence Ross taking your double OT crunch time shots tells you nothing, so let’s go in a different direction. Let’s assess whether Vince Carter should make the Hall of Fame. read more »