NAS100, Tech100, NASDAQ Trading Course

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About Course

Upon completion of this course, you will learn how NASDAQ behaves, what similar patterns to watch out for, and how to enter and exit NASDAQ confidently. You will learn to trade as if you have been trading for years.


The NAS100, Tech100, NASDAQ Trading Course has been designed to show you an easy approach to trading. Over the years of trading, we have realized what books teach you and how you apply it in real-life is worlds apart. It’s like an engineer, he can study all the books to be the best mechanic but put him on the job, he won’t have a clue. We believe practice makes trading perfect hence why our course is 20% slide shows and 80% practical. After every slide, we will spend a great depth of time showing you how it works in real-life trading. For example, how do you draw support and resistance? We won’t spend 1 hour speaking about what support and resistance is, we will give you tips and tricks and straight to the chart and show you how we draw them and how to use them in live trading scenarios.

– Easy to understand and apply.
– Trade with confidence and stop gambling.
– Comprehensive Syllabus to kick start your career.
– Study at your own pace anywhere.

What Will I Learn?

  • Upon completion of this course, you will learn how NASDAQ behaves, what similar patterns to watch out for, and how to enter and exit NASDAQ confidently. You will learn to trade as if you have been trading for years.

Topics for this course

26 Lessons3h 49m 55s

1 – Introduction

1.1 – Introduction00:1:50
1.2 – What is NASDAQ1:51
1.3 – What is NASDAQ-1001:28
1.4 – Trading Hours6:06
1.5 – Types of Traders4:17

2 – Timeframes

3 – Support & Resistance

4 – Trend Lines & Channels

5 – Patterns

6 – Entry Techniques

About the instructor

I am a successful, full-time trader with experience in NASDAQ, Tech-100, NAS, and NAS100 technical analysis. I have studied candlestick patterns, trends, charts, and various different strategies and techniques with pleasing results over the past 13 years. I have successfully taught over 300 students over the past 7 years and I have had many thank you messages from around the world complimenting me on my unique and successful methods of trading.
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This is the best explanation I have ever heard or seen. It is so basic that you do not have to worry about learning different candle combinations or shapes and forms or candles. It is so straight forward that even a child could learn how to do it. If you lose at trading Tech-100 or NAS after this course, then you should not be trading at all.

Brilliantly explained. Now it is so much easier to trade NASDAQ, I feel it is so much easier now that it is almost hard to believe how much money I was throwing away in the past. I definitely recommend this class for everyone. The money spent on this course was made back in 3 trades in one day.

Excellent course. Very valuable information. This guy really makes it so simple to trade and win.

This course was great, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for this opportunity!

I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow.

Course materials were good. Its very good and I think it’s a very solid course. I learned a lot.

I think this course is so well-crafted that it covers so many key points and still allows us the students to learn in ease. Thanks for the opportunity and the experience as well.

I found this course to be highly relevant to anyone involved in trading and looking to enhance their skills. The instructor explained the concept with easy to understand videos and clear instructions. Highly recommended

First of all, it's a great honor to be part of this special course. I learned a lot, really. I can absolutely use the tools you've provided and taught me. I enjoyed this course sooooooooo much. I thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought trading could be so easy, thank you NAS-Pro, You have saved me so much money and making me lots.

Wow, now I can trade with confidence and stop losing money. It was so easy to understand and so much different from all the other videos I have tried.

NAS100, Tech100, NASDAQ Trading Course

Material Includes

  • Lectures - 26


  • Basic knowledge of how the stock market works is required.

Target Audience

  • Beginner and Intermediate Traders